PopUp NH is proudly sponsored by Service Credit Union

Socially Distanced Performance, Culinary Arts and Retail

Our community can enjoy theater, music, and performances arts in the Bridge Street lot, or simply shop from some of our local retailers while enjoying a meal & a drink from a local restaurant and brewery. 

We are asking for your help to fund this. The City of Portsmouth has issued a $50K matching challenge, which we matched, but there is still a funding gap. Please consider a tax-deductible donation today. 

Anchor Restaurant: The Black Trumpet
with visiting pop up restaurants
Local Retailers
Coming Soon
The Liars Bench & Stoneface Brewing
will be our anchor beer garden and will work with local breweries

Community Heroes

We thank the following people from our community for their financial support:

Service Credit Union

Anthony DiLorenzo

Mark Stebbins 

Eric Macdonald 

Mark Johnson & Angela Barnes

Fredric & Judith Schubert 

Chris Dwyer 

Jen & Eric Chinburg

Rick and Karene Wallis 

Eben Tormey 

Nancy Pearson

Deck Presentations 

CJ Physical Therapy 

North Sturtevant

Vicki Decker 

Sue Daigle

Andrew Bagley

Rachel Forrest 

Rebecca & Katelyn Kwoka

Russ and Katie Grazier 

Stefany Shaheen

Cliff Lazenby

Josh Denton

Calvin Couch

Lisa Teague 

Deb Audino

Iiro Lehtinen 

Mellissa Walls 

Gerald Duffy 

Jessica Jean

Celeste Ledoux 

Lisa Gainty 

Jim Smalley

Stephanie Seacord

Monster Troupe 

Suzanne Mallett

We Fill Good Seacoast

Walter Hoerman MD 

Elizabeth Chick 

Todd Rozelle

David Meuse

Carol Carpenter 

Chris and Jamie MARTIN 

Jennifer Sweatt 

Robert Cody

Roger Goun

Marybeth Reis

Maureen Conley

Shannon Hill 

Ryan Stevens 

Theresa Fisher 

Joanne & Peter Foster

Alyssa Duncan 

Chris and Stephan Mayeux 

Kathleen Mahoney 

Thomas Lyng 

Dan Carpenter

James & Debra Cresta 

Jack & Kathleen Barry 

Brenda Bouchard 


Kathy & Mark Padfield

Lisa Letizio 

Mark Lefebvre

Tim MacDonald 

Thomas Cocchiaro

Kristen Dalton

Angela Newbury 

Kacy Drouin & Clifford Sukeforth 

Cynde Lingamfelter 

Tobin Moss 

Hunter Brannan 

Steven Mulligan  

Jillian Chilson-Pietruch

Lisa Rapaport 

Barbara Trimble

Byron Matto 

Peter Bielagus 

Deborah Morrill 

Jerry Walls 

Janis Wolak 

Monica Dorley 

Amanda Tombarelli

Katy and Drew DiPasquale

Margaret Aldrich

Mike Glisson 

Tish Campbell 

Catherine Johnston

Reilly Murphy 

Jane & Phil Adams 

Carol Engholm 

Kyle Milner 

Matt Kanner 

Nate Reppucci 

Victoria Bowen 

Alexis Lang

Marisa Donahue 

Susi Huesing

Rebecca R 

Kathleen Cavalaro

Beth Norton

Erin Bakkom 

Kyle Seesman 

Emily Robichaud

Alexandra Turk 

Rachel Heller 

Whitney Swaffield

Lindsey Morris 


L&M Severson

Laura Brown

Susan Davis 

Jackie Lemaire 

Leigh Steinman 

Kelly Hathorne 

Amy-Mae Court  

Deborah Kanner 

Amy Abbott 

Elise O’Connell

Jaime Yates 

chuckie pfeiff 

Mike Morgan 

Janet Phelps 

Tammi Truax

Tom Holbrook 

Amanda D’Amico

Brad Hirst 

Bruce & Sue Anne Bottomley

Megan O'Connor 

Lee Zavorskas  

Jason Boucher 

Rebecca Kates


Chris Perkins 

Natalie Pavlov 

Kim Willoughby

Peter Beardsley 

Paul Novotny

Kathryn Kaknes 

Justin Heanue

Evan Hudson 

Bob and Lynne Pohorenec 

Pamela Blodgett 

Robert Saulnier 

Rafi Landau

Annie Poubeau 

Mike Glisson 

Genevieve Buck 

Matthew Doubleday

Charles Raye

Michael Warhurst

Deb Anthony

Beverly James

Karen Andersen

Mark Hepp

Kristin Barrows

Gail M Knowles

Zachary Shollar

PopUp NH at the Bridge Street Parking lot

40 Bridge Street

Portsmouth, NH 03801

Dining/Beer & Wine Canteen Hours:
Thursdays 3pm - 10pm

Fridays 3pm - 10pm

Saturdays 12pm - 10pm

Sundays 12pm - 8pm

Parking available at the Foundry Garage

100 Foundry Place

Portsmouth, NH  03801

Please see event schedule for performances. 

Blog posts

Read the writeup in paper today!

Read the writeup in paper today!

A few members of our working group had a chance to visit the Foundry Place Garage with city staff. It was a positive and productive meeting. We identified obstacles and plowed through them. 

Hadley Barndollar from seacoastonline followed up with some questions and here's a wonderful write up! Read it here. 

We thank the city staff and Hadley for your time and interest in our proposal. Good things are happening. Stay tuned for more updates.
June 12, 2020
June 10th Update

June 10th Update

The Portsmouth Citizen Response Task Force met today at 2pm to discuss various proposals. The Foundry Garage Pop Up Rooftop proposal was mentioned and presented. There seemed to be positive reaction to the proposal, so the committee decided to create a sub-group, with Russ Grazier as the Chair. 

We will be visiting the site on the 11th to look at some possible problem areas and see what progress we can make. 


We posted our applications on our website earlier today and have received some interest from some great businesses so we're really excited! 

Stay tuned for an update after the site visit tomorrow - Kathleen

June 10, 2020